pioneer_followupWe recommend that your child visit us every six months. On these visits we will clean and polish their teeth, take necessary x-rays, and provide a thorough examination to insure a healthy mouth and to intercept any incipient problems.

We emphasize the importance of good preventive dental care for children. Establishing good home care habits including diet, brushing, and flossing are extremely important to your child’s oral health. Methods such as fluoride treatments and sealants can also be extremely effective in helping your child avoid tooth decay.

By the time a child reaches the teen years 90% of his or her facial growth has been completed. This is why early orthodontic diagnosis is extremely important in minimizing both the length and extent of orthodontic treatment. Crowded teeth, missing or extracted teeth, a poorly aligned bite speech and chewing difficulties are all signs of problems that can be corrected with proper space maintainers and or orthodontic treatment.

The comfort and confidence of both children and parents before, during and after their visits to our office is of primary importance to us.

We adhere to the strictest OSHA sterilization guidelines and utilize the most modern, effective sterilization equipment and methods offering your child effective and personal care in a safe environment. We offer various methods for relieving a child’s anxiety.

The use of medications, nitrous oxide, and general anesthesia are available. Feel free to discuss any of these options with us.